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With AutoPay your payment will be paid automatically from your bank account.  Payments will be charged within one to three working days before the due date.  You will continue to receive your regular payment notice, which allows you time to review it before the payment is processed. 

Your account must be current at the time of enrollment.  If your enrollment date is too close to the next due date on your account, you may need to pay the amount due while the automatic payment program is being set up.

If the financial institution declines your automatic payment for any reason, we will attempt to contact you for alternative payment arrangements.  If you cannot be reached and/or alternate payment arrangements are not made, your loan will be subject to the remedies specified in your loan documents.  If payment is declined twice in a 12 month period, CFAB may cancel your participation in the program.  A $30 NSF fee will be assessed on all AutoPays that are denied.

You must notify CFAB of changes in bank account numbers.  If you fail to provide this information prior to the due date and CFAB is unable to process your payment, you will be responsible for making an alternative payment arrangement and payment will be subject to the remedies specified in your loan documents.  You can contact us by phone at the numbers listed below or write CFAB, PO Box 92070, Anchorage, Alaska  99509.

Your final payment will not be deducted automatically from your account as the due date and amount may differ from other payments.  CFAB also reserves the right to cancel this arrangement at any time upon 30 days written notice.

To initiate the AutoPay process simply download the form by clicking on the AutoPay form to the left.  (Acrobat Reader® is required to download the form.)

Questions?  Call CFAB (907) 276-2007 or toll free (800) 544-2228 or email us.

Mail your completed form along with a voided check or deposit slip directly to:


PO Box 92070

Anchorage, AK  99509

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 Auto Pay Form

Acrobat Reader® 6.0 or later is required to download the Auto Pay Form.  If you do not already have Reader®, check the Adobe website for a free download compatible with your system. 







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