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Need help completing your application?  CFAB has a number of loan correspondents throughout the state available to assist you.  Correspondents also have applications available. 

What is a Loan Correspondent?  A loan correspondent is an individual or business who has contracted with CFAB to assist applicants in filling out their loan applications.  They are not employees of CFAB, nor do they have any authority with regard to the approval of your loan.  Your loan application will be  processed in the same manner whether you use a loan correspondent or not.  Any fee charged by the loan correspondent is their fee and for their benefit.

Alaska Business Development Center

840 K Street, Suite 202

Anchorage, Alaska  99501

Phone:  (907) 562-0335

Fax:  (907) 562-6988

Jerry Liboff

P. O. Box 646

Dillingham, Alaska  99576

Phone:  (907) 842-2512

Fax:  same as phone


Susan Erickson

P. O. Box 53

Petersburg, Alaska  99833

Phone:  (907) 772-3858

Fax:  (907) 772-3184


Sammy Parker

Petersburg Business Services

P. O. Box 1364

Petersburg, Alaska  99833

Phone:  (907) 772-4856

Fax:  (907) 772-4750

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